Real Lean Transformation


BSM is the global leader in the provision of Real Lean Transformation services to Life Science companies.  We specialize in implementing Real Lean in QC Laboratories, QA-related processes  and R&D departments'.  


We operate from offices in Galway, Ireland, and Georgia, USA. All of our consultants are outstanding individuals, universally recognised for their expertise, professionalism and ability to achieve results.

BSM HQ, Galway, Ireland


Clients seek help from BSM when their businesses need step changes in performance on a scale which generic Lean/Sigma techniques cannot deliver. We specialise in the implementation of ‘Real Lean’ techniques, specifically Levelling, Flow and Standard Work, which often receive insufficient attention in Operational Excellence programs.


BSM Client Locations

BSM Client Locations


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Registered Office: Tanneron Ltd T/A BSM Ireland,
Parkmore Business Park West, Galway, Ireland
Directors: Tom Reynolds, Fillipo Mantegazza (Italian), Jean Veillon (French)